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"Our fellowship is focused, founded, and built on God's revealed Word to us: in the person of Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord; and through God's inspired written Word, the Bible. It is our joy to extend to you, your family, and friends a personal invitation to participate in the life and activities of Jefferson Avenue Baptist Church.
Vision Statement

Jefferson Avenue Baptist Church, guided by the Word of God, and led by the Spirit of Jesus Christ, will seek to be a diverse, unified church focused on reaching people for Christ by sharing His love and compassion.

Mission Statement

We, as the congregation, believe that God calls each member to utilize their talents in the pursuit of Christ’s Work.  We will continue to establish and strengthen Missions opportunities for all ages within our church, our community and throughout the world.

Education and Understanding of God’s Will is achieved by a thorough study of the Bible, which is fundamental to equipping and developing followers of Christ.  We will prayerfully focus on using God’s Word to nurture spiritual growth & maturity.

We will strive to provide inspirational and stimulating experiences through our Worship that allow all who participate the opportunity to embrace the presence of the Almighty God and acknowledge His Grace and Power.

Showing our love for Christ through service to others, in our church and in our community is accomplished by Ministering to all ages and backgrounds.  We will seek God’s direction in providing a broad spectrum of ministries whose goal is to involve, engage and spiritually enhance our community through sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We believe that Christ established one Church for all people.  Together we will be a church where Christ’s Love is shared and all are welcomed into His Fellowship.

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