Your Faith Journey Starts Here!

At Jefferson Avenue, we believe that salvation is the biggest decision someone can make in life.  While we also believe it is an urgent decision, we know that it may be new to you and that you may have questions.  We desire to provide the information necessary to guide you toward what we believe is God's will for you.  Don't stop now, continue reading.  If you prefer to speak to someone in person or simply want to visit Jefferson Avenue Baptist Church, let us know below.


Whether you are just exploring the website or interested in attending one of our online streams or attending in person for the first time, we want to be there for each step of the journey.  Let us know how we can minister to you.


If you are ready to join us for a Bible Study or Worship Service, you're welcome to attend anytime however, click the button below so we can we want to be sure to have someone ready to greet you, show you around and help you feel comfortable throughout the whole process. 


Want to Dig Deeper?

The idea of church (or fellowship with other believers) was something that Jesus encouraged with the apostles after His resurrection. Matthew 16, Jesus says "On this rock I will build my church".


From there, the Book of Acts has many references on the initial formation of the church including the miraculous spread of the message through the power of the Holy Spirt.


Over 2000 years later, God is still at work in our world.  Whether we have a good day or a bad day, our Comfort is in Jesus Christ.  For it is through some of these bad days that we end up somewhere we never thought was possible on our own.  Jesus gives us purpose.  That purpose is to share the Gospel and to do this, we learn about Jesus through the church setting together.  


Whether you have never experienced church, or are maybe a little sckeptical or just new to the area looking for a place to join, we encourage you to visit.  We are all imperfect people but have a desire to discover and learn together, support each other through love and prayer and then go out and serve together and through our individual lives.


What is Christianity?
What is Salvation?
What is Baptism?
What is Communion?