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Youth Choir Reunion Concert

Sunday October 18th, JABC is hosted a Youth Choir Reunion Concert for those that sung under the direction of Steve Jett. This "youth" sung in the morning service under the direction of Steve Jett.

There were testimonies by former youth as well as a message by Dr. Jim Willis

Complete CD's and DVD's of this service are available. Donations are accepted but not required. If you would like a copy of either or both, please contact the church office.

You may also stream the various portions of the service listed below


O Thou to Whose All Searching Sight
Reunion Anthem

Testimonies of Former Youth
Cheryl Patton Hembree
Joe Stell
Jamie House Georgia
Sandra Moody

The New 23rd
Reunion Anthem

Didn't He Shine
Reunion Anthem

God's GPS
Dr. Jim Willis

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