Mr. Charles Edwards, a man of extrodinary faith and service...he served his Lord and Savior through Jefferson Avenue for more than 48 years and was a example of dedication not just to a job but more importantly, a family of Christ-loving brothers and sisters. He will forever be remembered as a faithful and honorable man.

Below, you will find a list of forum posts that were entered in the days following Mr. Edwards passing. Memories and Reflections of history for all to share forever.
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Charles Edwards - Church Organist 1957-2005

Kathy McKenzie
November 15, 2005
07:02 AM
I can't imagine choir practice or church services without Charles Edwards. There will never be another organist like him. It has been a priviledge to call him my friend for 35 years. You will truly be missed. I'm sorry that I was such a bad piano student years ago but I had hoped that we could start once again on trying to teach me to play. We had spoke of that just this past Sunday night. Now you can play for your God!!

Davenport Family
November 15, 2005
08:46 AM

How can you start to tell how much somelike Charles means to a family. He taught each of our children , each one for years and built a loving relationship with each of them, he taught me piano also and he said he didn't think he would be able to teach Lee though. One particular remembrance from Harold Lee and he just reminded me of this the other day. When Harold Lee was at Pathway he was in the Drama Club and he was quite an actor and Charles knew of this and one day at his lesson Charles said, "Well I understand you are becoming quite a thespian", and Harold Lee got off the piano bench and put his hands on his hips and said I am not. Charles often reminded him of this whenever he saw him. Quite a wonderful gentleman, a dear friend, a Christian influence in lives that will go on remembering him for all of their lives, and best of all you knew Charles was a child of God. We will carry his memory in our hearts forever. To Bonnie, Alaina, Shawn, Eric and the grandchildren, our love and prayers go to you.

Jane and Rick Peterson and Family
November 15, 2005
11:46 AM

There are no words to tell you how much we will miss Charles The Great as we used to call him. He was so talented and funny and always so much fun to be around. I always loved for him to accompany me because he could always follow me no matter where I went in the piece. I remember one time when I was in a musical when Truitt Roberts was our minister of music and I completely lost my place and Charles just went right along with me and no one ever knew the difference! Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you and will continue to be with you in the coming weeks and months. Charles is playing in heaven now and we are sure the angels are thrilled to finally have a good accompanist. All our love.

Judy Coile Todd
November 15, 2005
12:56 PM

Thank you for all the years of wonderful music and laughter you gave so many people. I will always remember on Sunday, after church, I would come and sit beside you while you were still sitting on the piano bench. You always welcomed me with your smile and some cute comment from your humor department. Not only were you a GREAT musician but you had the gift to put smiles on other faces where there were none. My thoughts and prayers go out to Bonnie and all of the family

Marty Harrelson
November 15, 2005
05:08 PM

Words that describe my memories of the music Mr. Edwards played faithfully each week at JAB are...beautiful.... uplifting...stirring... triumphant... His playing could prepare us for quiet reflection in one song, and then bring us to our feet in praise to God in another. I'll never forget when he would just "open it up" while playing the last chorus of "The King is Coming." WOW..... My thoughts and prayers are with the family, because they will miss him here on earth. Mr. Edwards, though, is now performing for the greatest audience... WOW....

The Terry McLennan Family
November 15, 2005
05:21 PM

What an honor and privilege it has been for us to have known Charles Edwards. We will remember him forever, not only as the best organist around but also for his dedication to his church family and his love for his wife, children and grand- children. He was a man of great wisdom and humor. A memory we will have that will stay with us was his patience with his students. Our daughter Tammy, After several years with Charles and at age sixteen, decided she wanted to quit learning to play the piano. Reluctantly, we let her do this but wished we could someway keep the same choice lesson time in case she wanted to go back again. To do this, her Dad, Terry, used it so he could possibly learn in her place. Terry says the moment Charles found out why he showed up instead of Tammy at lesson time made his eyes roll back and his jaw fall nearly to the floor. Charles, in vain, failed to convince Terry it was a bad idea because "He had a plan." After about 6 months of testing Charle's patience and Tammy hearing her Daddy banging on the keyboard, she was ready to return with her lessons. If you can remember Charles at his happiest moment, you may see what Terry saw when he heard Tammy was returning. This being the "the plan", after she returned she worked up to being a pianist for a Sunday School class. Thank you Charles. We will surely miss you.

Andrew Coody
November 15, 2005
05:59 PM

One of the greatest musicians I will ever know. I've learned EVERYTHING from him and I vow to dedicate my music career in his honor. Tomorrow marks the first week of no music lessons in 7 or 8 years. It is tough. He was also like a "musically inclined" father to me. Any music question I had I could ask and he knew the answer...we had LOADS of fun during lessons as we spoke of world events and such. Sigh...I do know that he is in a MUCH better place playing the GREATEST organ with the leader of all nations, Jesus Christ. I know you are watching over us all. Until the day, Much Love. Forever In My Heart. Andrew Coody

Spencer McLennan
November 15, 2005
07:44 PM

Wow, will I (an everyone that knew him) miss what most of us may have taken for granted...his suburb talent to play anything with keys on it. You name it...piano, harpsicord, and of course the organ. I have yet to hear a better organist and regret the fact that I never attempted to learn piano myself. My greatest memory is when I was young (and facinated with buttons), I would practically force my way through all the people to go sit by his side at the organ after church and during the Postlude. Once he was finished playing, I would be ready to push the "clean-up" button, for a lack of correct terminolgy...the one that clears all the stops. I then would turn each of the lights off and flip the switch to turn the organ off. I did this for months...maybe even years with never any hardship from Charles, he just let me have my thrill. He was always so humble with his talents and abilities. Often he would play the hymns just as they were written but there came times in which he would really open ALL the stops, go full volume and add an unmatchable ad lib to the piece that just makes you have the goose bumps with excitment. I only wish that he would have done this more often...really showing off. So much could be said about such a wonderful man and his God given abilities. He will truely be missed. Mrs. Bonnie and prayers will be with you.

Steve Hester
November 15, 2005
07:46 PM

Charles - you always had time. You always had time to stop and talk. You just never seemed too busy, although I know know how busy you were. I know of your great talent, your great God-given gift - but you were the epitome of Christian humility. You were the very definition of servanthood. I'm so glad I was able to know you. Thanks for taking the time to talk to me, and for seeming to be genuinely interested in me. But you didn't just seem interested - I know that you really were. You touched so many lives as you lived out your Christian faith. I'm so thankful that I was one of them. Charles, you were a true Christian gentleman. Thanks for being you and for reflecting Christ.

Emily Erickson
November 15, 2005
09:26 PM

Dear Mr. Edwards, Thank you for being so kind and patient during my piano lessons. I will miss you, but I will always be glad you were my first piano teacher. I wish I could still come every Tuesday for my piano lesson. The last time I saw you, you said, “If I don’t see you next week I’ll cry.” Well I missed the next week and came today, you were not there, and I cried. I can be happy because I know you are in heaven with Jesus. My Aunt Amanda is in heaven too, maybe you can teach her piano. I will remember you forever. Love, Emily Erickson

Elijah Erickson
November 15, 2005
09:30 PM

Dear Mr. Edwards, I will miss your smile and your laugh. I hope you remember all the nice days we had together when you were teaching me piano. I know you are in heaven having fun, but I still wish you were here. You should be the new angel of the music in heaven. Love, Elijah Erickson

Wendy Erickson
November 15, 2005
09:37 PM

I am so glad Mr. Edwards was my children’s first piano teacher. He really was God’s gift to our family. I took piano lessons as a child and never experienced the wisdom, genuine love and never-ending patience from any of my teachers that Mr. Edwards possessed. As a result of Mr. Edwards’ methods, my children have developed a love for playing the piano. I owe this success to Mr. Edwards, who has shown me the gentle art of teaching. The only way to find a new teacher after Mr. Edwards is to pray that God will send us another gift.

Roy & LaVerne McCard
November 15, 2005
09:58 PM

Our hearts are broken at the loss of our dear friend, Charles. Our first remembrance of him was in about 1954 when we were members of the Atlanta Baptist Assoc. Choir and Charles accompanied the choir from time to time. Then, after he came to Jefferson Ave. as organist while still a student at the Univ. of Georgia, we made the trip to Athens to hear his senior recital. So many time, when either or both of us were singing the "special music" in worship service and slipped, making a mistake, Charles had the uncanny ability to cover it up, making it sound as if it were supposed to sound that way. Roy remembers the times he and Charles went hunting together. Oh, so many memories of a glorious relationship with, without a doubt, the finest musician we have ever had the privilege of being associated with. LaVerne remembers singing at Charles and Bonnie's wedding. She still treasures the lovely gold and pearl pin she received for being a part of one of the most important events in their lives and wears it from time to time with loving thoughts of that special occasion. Our thoughts and prayers are with Bonnie, children and grandchildren. Charles shall live forever in our hearts.

Joyce Tichenor
November 15, 2005
10:10 PM

Charles Edwards was a friend to everyone that he met. He also taught me piano lessons and I think he enjoyed it because I seem to keep him laughing (perhaps with all my mistakes). He and Martin were "baseball buddies." It seems they couldn't hardly wait until church was over so that could talk about baseball. Now they are in heaven together, maybe even talking baseball again. My prayers are with Bonnie, Alania, and Eric at this time.

Alex Barge
November 15, 2005
10:36 PM

What sad news to hear from dad. I can't say when, if ever, I walked into Jefferson Ave. and didn't see Mr. Edwards sitting there ready to play. He had such a wonderful talent. A talent that would give me and others chills when he would let loose on the organ. Charles was the king of the keys. A king that was never to busy to share a laugh and a smile. A joke we always shared is when I would come into the sanctuary I would act like I was going to play a few keys when he was playing a song. He would smile and say, come on. I will miss Charles, his smile, his laugh and of course his love for music. I know the music we use to enjoy at JABC is being played on the largest pipe organ with all the nicest features. The angels are dancing and in that room Mom is dancing with them too.

Kevin Byrd
November 16, 2005
01:30 AM

I am very sad to hear of the passing of Charles. I left JAB over 30 years ago and have lost touch with most people there. But I think of Mr. Edwards often. I say Mr. Edwards because I was 15 when he started teaching me the piano and he had my respect. I look back and I can see how I owe so much to him. I learned so much about music and the piano from him.I rode my bicycle 5 miles to take lessons from him and was happy to do it. He was a great teacher and always took alittle extra time with me. I remember him letting me play the organ a few times when no one was around and that gave me a thrill. He always picked out the hardest music for me to play at the recitals but he always got me through them.I still have all of the music he got for me to learn and play. In my eyes he was a great man. JAB has lost a great friend and it will be hard to fill his shoe's. I know that he will be missed. I will pray for the family, and god be with you all.

Rev. Henry E. Hulgan
334-821-0611 (Auburn AL phone #)
November 16, 2005
10:22 AM

Charles Edwards was the most gifted and congenial organist I had the pleasure of working with in my ministry. His music always set just the right tone to prepare our hearts for worship. My prayers are with the family at this time.

Cheryl Patton Hembree
November 16, 2005
02:29 PM

"Bubbles" I would call him as I walked behind him every Sunday morning, or sat beside him on the bench while he played. Why "Bubbles?" Because of the twinkle in his eye, the sly sideways smile, and the joy and love he showed to each of us as he watched us grow up from childhood, endured us as teenagers, and loved us, and let us go out into the world as young adults. No, I've never been musically talented, but he treated me the same as all, and helped Mike and Debbie both with their individual musical talents. As I saw him out and about in Fayetteville, he would always surround me with a big hug, ask how my family was doing, and enjoyed meeting and sharing love, or stories, with my children. What a wonderful man, and what a legacy for JAB! What a reunion we will have in heaven as we hear him playing full force for our beloved Heavenly Father.

Robbie Dodd
November 16, 2005
03:07 PM

I'll tell you I'm a long way from East Point, Georgia these days - been moved away for 25 years, but looking back, Mr. Edwards was as much a part of my spiritual training growing up at JAB as were the other fine ministers we all knew. As youth, we did not fully appreciate how lucky we were to have such a loyal and gifted man as part of our worship experience, but I can tell you I feel a loss today. God rest his soul and comfort his family - he touched more lives than you may imagine.

Jan Gwaltney
November 16, 2005
03:19 PM

Jefferson Ave. Baptist became my church home six years ago and that is how long my friendship was with Charles. I almost envy those who knew him for many years, and for some, a lifetime. Our time of friendship was short, but yet, I feel that I knew him all my life. When I first met him, I thought he was always so serious minded. However, I found that he had a humor and a wit that a lot of people never saw. I can still picture the time of choir rehearsal in the sanctuary for the Christmas music last year. Rehearsal wasn't going very smoothly and we had to start over many times. We were all so serious and a bit frustrated. I looked at Charles at the organ and he was sitting there with a small yellow rubber duck on the top of his smile...very serious. It did loosen up the tension for us all! Also, another time on a Wednesday evening when the power went out and we were still trying to rehearse, but, we couldn't see our music at all. Charles just kept on going without missing any notes and it sounded just perfect. I thought, how is he able to do that? I saw that he had a small flashlight in his mouth so he could read the music! The times many of us shared a few cups of coffee in the workroom before the evening service will not be forgotten. His stories and jokes were wonderful and his laughter uplifted us if we were feeling a bit low. I feel privileged to have presented a concert with him last year. Anytime he accompanied me was uplifting to my own spirit. He was the consumate musician and Christian gentleman. I will miss Charles, my dear friend, so very much. But, I rejoice that he is safe in the sheltering arms of His Lord. What better could there be?

Jan McCard
November 16, 2005
07:13 PM

I was so shocked with the news of the passing of Mr Edwards just 2 days ago. My mind immediately went back in time to when he taught me piano at the young age of 9. I was not the most dedicated student he had, but understood the value of the music through piano even then, though I realized singing was more my forte, I could still find Middle C when necessary, because of his leadership and committment to his God-given talent he shared with others. He truly had patience with me. I, along with my entire family, will miss him greatly. He was there to play the organ or piano for the happy times which included my family, while we were members of JABC,as well as playing for the funeral services of my grandparents who now are with the Lord..with him. Every time I hear "A Mighty Fortress" I think about Mr. Edwards playing that song with full organ during my "Pepaws" (Clyde Barge)service. It sounded so wonderful and empowering! The only songs I can still play on the piano happen to be those he taught me as a child student. My Prayers go out to the entire Edwards family. May God grant you strength during these very difficult days. Love, Jan McCard (Roy & LaVerne McCard's daughter)

Olivia Neeley
November 16, 2005
08:05 PM

I don't know what I am going to do without that hour of lessons every Monday. Thirteen years of taking piano and organ lessons from Mr. Edwards is something I don't want to end. I remember that even though I would do horrible in a lesson, he would still find a way to compliment me like "Good sight reading". He made me laugh every week and challenged me to become a better musician and a better person. I love you Mr. Edwards!

Betty B. King
November 16, 2005
09:06 PM

I can never say enough about Charles Edwards. He was my mentor, friend, and brother in Christ. I will miss him greatly. He encouraged me to get my degree in music and I've been teaching now for 17+ years. He tuned my piano with great humor and finesse. You will be missed greatly.

Mary Brown Ries
November 16, 2005
09:52 PM

As others have said, I remember the incredible patience Mr. Edwards showed with me - a less than dedicated piano student. I learned enough to still enjoy playing for fun. I remember when he built his own harpsichord and what fun it was to play. Most of all I remember his magnificent work at the organ and how much it added to the worship and praise of God at Jefferson Avenue. Bonnie and the family will be in my thoughts and prayers. He was at JAB my whole life, and I cannot imagine anyone else at that organ.

Lauren Heard
November 17, 2005
06:12 AM

I was so upset when I found out about Mr. Edwards death.I have been taking piano lessons for him about 8 years now.It helps to rememeber all the fun memories we have had over the years.One of my favorite memories of him was when he would change the notes in the song if he thought it was a misprint or it did not sound right.On my Birthday he would play the Happy Birthday song in his special little way. What I liked must about him was his sense of humor.He always had a funny story to share. If Mr. Edwards could be sumed up in one word it would be patience. He always listened when ever I had something to say. I am praying that God will help his family get through this tough time.

Jane Prince, Mark Prince
November 17, 2005
07:46 AM

Charles Edwards taught my son Mark piano since he was 7 years old and he is still playing every Sunday in church. I owe this to Mr. Edwards. He was such an inspiration to our family with his quite spirit and humor. He will truly be missed by everyone.

Melissa Todd
November 17, 2005
08:07 AM

I thoroughly enjoy playing the piano all because of Mr. Edwards. The patience and knowledge that he shared with me through the years was priceless. I have so much musical knowledge to share with our children because of him. His knowledge and talent with pianos was astounding. Geral always enjoyed visiting with him when he would tune our piano. They loved talking about guns. He was a wonderful inspiration and will be missed.

Brook Heard
November 17, 2005
10:23 AM

I have been playing piano since I was 7 years old and I am now 11. I miss him very much. As I started to progress in piano and my songs got harder I started to get frustrated and I didn't want to play anymore, but no matter how much I begged my parents to quit they said no. During that time Mr. Edwards was very patient with me and gradually I started to like piano even more then I ever had. So now instead of my mom telling me to play piano she is now telling me to get off the piano because I play it too much. Mr. Edwards is a very talented man and has allowed large families who would of never been able to play piano play at a very cheap price. We all love him and we will miss him very much.

Kevin Funk
November 17, 2005
10:35 AM

Thanks for the great times at piano lessons and for the many memories and laughter. It has been a pleasure and statement of life to work with Charles. Our last lesson he gave me some extra time showing me how he would repair and tune the piano...and how he hand carved the bridge. For a me, I was like a kid in a candy store...And thats what I will have as my best memory. Thanks buddy! See you soon!

Debbie Patton Jarmond
November 17, 2005
11:12 AM

My sister would call Mr. Edwards "Bubbles". My brother, Mike, called him "Chuckles". I vividly remember one Sunday service, Mike was supposed to sing a solo. It was summer, the sanctuary was hot. So, Mike has to give his speech about how "Chuckles" knows when to start playing. This little speech seemed like it was taking forever "first I look up in the balcony and wink at so and so, then they wink at so and so on the podium, then I give Mr. Barge the high sign" and on and on. I remember the look on Mr Edwards face. It was a cross between trying not to giggle and shut up and sing. I'll miss your playing, I'll miss your harpsicord. I'll miss that sly smile. But the choir in Heaven is gonna be happy to have you join.

Steve and Kathleen Hulgan
November 17, 2005
11:16 AM

When I had gotten an email from my sister about Charles Edwards having a heart attack and dying, I was in a state of shock! I thought Charles would live on forever. He was the rock of the music program at JABC. When my dad became pastor there in 1976, that is when our friendship began. He was a great organist, piano teacher AND friend. Steve Jett would tell him a joke and he'd have a smile on his face throuhout the entire worship service. He was a dedicated musician. He took his job seriously. I couldn't count the times when he ever missed a service. He was always there! He WILL be missed at the organ. I sang several times there and he played for me. He taught me piano until I gave it up. I'm a minister of music now and I'd call on him to come turn my piano at the church. You just don't find a man with his talent everyday! He had a great personality and wit about him. When he played the organ, I felt like I was sitting at the throne of God. He was awesome! Bonnie and family, we will keep you in our prayers. We love you!

Herb,Suzanne,Katie,and Kelsey Hatlee
November 17, 2005
12:58 PM

Mr. Edwards was such a wonderful blessing to our family. He was the most patient, kind, and talented piano teacher. The girls just loved seeing him each week! He was always so encouraging and funny. There are so many special memories that we will cherish forever! We are praying for the entire Edwards family and are so very sorry for your tremendous loss.

Tommy Brinson
November 17, 2005
02:34 PM

Mr. Edwards taught my sister and I piano lessons. Mr. Edwards was always incouraging despite the fact that I was far from being a stellar student. His smile was one I will never forget and I anticipate seeing him again one day. God put Mr. Edwards on this planet for a specific purpose and I think he rose to that calling and influenced many lives. Thank you Mr. Edwards!

Linda Sherwin
November 17, 2005
03:53 PM

How will the world get along without Mr. Edwards? My son took lessons from him for six years and my daughter, nine. He took on the challenge of giving me lessons just ten months ago. When I called him in January to sign up for lessons, I said, "I'm 56 years old, brain-dead, and have no musical talent." His reply was, "That's the best kind." And we laughed together throughout every lesson. Mr. Edwards will live for me every time I hear my daughter play the piano, practicing the skills she learned from this incredibly indescribable man.

Sean McLendon
November 17, 2005
07:47 PM

I have very little words to say , other than i feel a huge loss , I am soory to see my second father pass, though i will see him in glory! I hope I MADE YOU PROUD. I Love You i will miss you.

Tim Barge
November 17, 2005
07:49 PM

Floored by the news, I have reflected on the man we knew. He was always Alaina and Eric's dad first...everything else was after that! He always had time for everyone {evidenced by the posted reflections}, and his schedule was grueling. He was the rare jewel, the one touched by God himself, who made each and every one of us feel special. It wasn't just his musical talent-but his love for God that inspired us all. I remember telling him, after he and Becky blew the stained glass out of the sanctuary at my mother's funeral with their moving rendition of "The King is Coming", "Charles, I now know what Heaven is going to sound like." He seemed taken aback at first, and then he did his classic Mr. Edwards' grin and wink...He will TRULY be missed.

Abigail Provence
November 17, 2005
08:32 PM

My Fridays will never be the same again. I always looked forward to spending an hour of piano each Friday with Mr. Edwards and my sister, Alisha. Sometimes we spent more time laughing and talking than we did playing the piano! Mr. Edwards always brought cheer to my life. Your "Ab and/or Abalone" is going to deeply miss you until we meet again : ) You always opened the door to the church for us each Friday. Jesus and the angels opened heaven's doors for you this past Monday. That makes my heart rejoice. I will miss you and treasure our wonderful memories in my heart forever.

Anna Grace Provence
November 17, 2005
08:38 PM

One of my funniest memories is the day we put the whoppee cushion in your chair during piano lessons. Boy did we laugh! Your "Anna Belle" loved to hear you laugh. There will never be another piano teacher like you. Even though we both smiled when I gave up piano, I knew you loved me. I could never get my fingering right and didn't practice like you wanted me to do. Oh, well! Maybe in heaven you'll give me a second chance. All my love.

Mark Franklin
November 18, 2005
03:57 AM

Words cannot describe how I felt when I heard the news. JAB will never be the same without Mr. Edwards at the organ. I will always remember those fun times Eric and I had with Mr. Edwards those weekend nights that I spent with them. Heaven just got the greatest music man that I know.

Kelsey Hatlee
November 18, 2005
07:45 AM

I will never forget Mr.Edwards.I use to beg not to go but as I got older i got use to it.Now that i know i will never see him till i get to hevan.Mr.Edwards was like a grandfather to me and my sister who has been taking for 5 years.i have only been taking for three years but thoose three years have been the best time of my life!I miss him so much and it feels like a part of me is missing every Tuesday at nine a.m.i miss him like all do.

Jacob Larios
November 18, 2005
08:06 AM

Mr. Edwards was Provably the only piano teacher you could go to for a piano lesson and end up sitting there talking about guns, trucks, the army, politics, and bluegrass. I will miss him laughing and stomping his feet when I played the Beverly hillbillies song for him on my banjo. After taking piano lessons from him for 9 years, music will never be the same for me without Mr. Edwards.

Alexa Andrews
November 18, 2005
08:22 AM

I will always cherish my memories of standing behind "Chuck" as I called him and playing my flute at JAB. He always told jokes during the rehearsals. As an adult when I took piano lessons, I often brought my dog and sat him on the bench when I had not practiced. Chuck always said that he would be the first dog to learn to play. He was absolutely the best organist God ever made.

Clark Provence
November 21, 2005
08:35 AM

Charles Edwards, without a doubt, has had a huge impact on my life in a way that very few other people have. I first started taking piano lessons from him when I was just a young boy, and I distinctly remember his amused reaction at the way I would scoot up and down the piano bench as I played higher or lower notes. I didn't really care for piano that much at first, but he was so patient and understanding with me, he worked with me through all the difficult pieces and books, and eventually gave me a passionate love not only for the instrument, but for music in general. Over the course of 10+ years of piano lessons, he became a close friend to me, and we enjoyed chatting together so much, that often we would focus more on telling stories, jokes, and opinions than we would on actually doing the lesson. I enjoyed spending time with him so much. Even in my somewhat tumultuous teenage years, he was one of the few consistently wonderful things in my life, and I could always look forward to my friday afternoon lesson with Mr. Edwards. One of the greatest moments of my entire life was my final piano recital. After a lot of encouragement from Mr. Edwards, I had written a suite of music to perform. He helped me figure out which areas to build up, or cut back on (especially the latter, given my tendency for noisy excess). Anyway, at the recital, I was the last performer. I played my piece, took my bow, and as I was walking away, Mr. Edwards grabbed me by the shoulder and playfully growled, "Get back in here". He then told the audience that it was a rare thing to meet both the performer and the composer. I remember how honored I felt, that this man, whom I regarded as the ultimate expert on music, and the consummate musician, had recognized me like that. It's a moment I shall cherish forever. I miss him so deeply. Most of all, I miss the afternoons that we spent laughing, there's very few people that I enjoyed spending time with as much as the time spent with Mr. Edwards. I so look forward to the day when we can share some more time together in heaven. Not only was Charles Edwards the ultimate musician, but he was the ultimate man, a man with a deep love for God, family, music, and his students. I can only hope that someday I can be half the man he was, he was always an example of true professionalism and class, in a world where such attributes are no longer thought much of. Thank you, Mr. Edwards, for everything. I'll always remember you.

Candace Court
November 24, 2005
11:53 AM

No one could have ever prepared me for the news I received on Monday, November 14, 2005. Every Sunday I would walk into the sanctuary and stand at the organ and talk with him or watch him play. Mr. Charles was something else! He was always funny. I will miss Mr. Charles' laugh, his music and his stories. Ms. Bonnie, I love you and I am here if you need anything!

Jack Davis
November 25, 2005
09:48 AM

Words cannot express what Charles Edwards as meant to me over the years. I began studying the organ with him at the age of 14. I am 49 now, and have been an organist for 37 years. I have never known a man with such a calm, gentle way about him. He was such a wonderful teacher, and a truly fabulous musician. I owe all my success to Charles Edwards for my career as a church organist, and piano tuner. I followed in his footsteps, and we were always the best of friends through the years. My deepest sympathies to his family, and to the staff and congregation of Jefferson Avenue Baptist Church in the loss of this truly great man. Our loss is most certainly Heaven's gain! To God be the glory!