O --- M --- G !!!!  It's not what you think.  OMG Youth stands for young people committed to "Obeying My God".  It is a growing group of young boys and girls learning to navigate this crazy world through the lens of God's Word. 


Each week we have a short lesson and an activity or art project to keep those busy hands and minds occupied.  Taking this time to pour into our young people is a passion and is one of the very foundations that teach them how to be good examples, build character and represent this foundation in their daily lives at school, a part time job or hanging with friends.


As often as possible we provide a snack or light meal beginning around 5 p.m.  There is no reservation required but it would help us greatly if you happen to know in advance so we ensure we have enough to go around.  Simply click below.


We know you may have some questions.  There are multiple ways to contact us.  We can't wait to hear from you!