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World Changers has been a part of the Jefferson Avenue Youth (and the adults that support them) for over 13 years. We have been all over the country from Seattle to Maine. Our youth enjoy the ability to share their faith with individuals by meeting their physical needs through this program. The ultimate goal is to find out and help the residents in meeting whatever spiritual needs they may have; whether it be finding Christ for the first time or simply giving them motivation to get involved in a location church fellowship.

While designed to minister to various neighborhoods and cities across the U.S., this week also provides plenty of spiritual support for our teenagers as they learn through practical experience and nightly worship services. Many lives have and will continue to be changed through this program.

If you would like more information please visit the official World Changers Website or you may contact a JABC Minister.


Below is the most recent photos of our trip to Neptune/Freehold, New Jersey. Until more pictures are gathered the ones posted are primarily of the "Glueless" Work Crew, which Rebecca Jackson and Spencer McLennan were a part of. As more pictures are available, we will post them as well.
2010 --- Madisonville, Kentucky

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